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"Let mushrooms be thy medicine and medicine be thy mushrooms." - CM
Mushroom Lady


These tinctures without a doubt have kept me, my family and friends happy and healthy for the past 4 years now,
I know they'll help you to :)

Fungal Foods is a fungus themed company dedicated to the medicinal and culinary aspects of mushrooms. Join us on a journey, one of discovery of health, flavors and growth.
Fungis, Fungals,Fungus.. you're all apart of our family now.

Welcome, we love you all so mush.

Currently fine tuning tinctures for the mind and body. Get a boost for both!

New Arrivals
Through continual use of both tinctures I have found an overall balance in my day to day thoughts and feelings with the world around me. It is something I have adopted into my daily practice for longevity and harmony. I feel my adaptability is at an all time high for any type of stress that may come my way, physical or mental, I have the added support of these tinctures in my arsenal and am eternally grateful for them both.

(Body and Mind Boost)

Cyrus M.

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